25000 Mile Synthetic Motor Oil

For a few extra bucks, synthetic motor oil provides advantages over fossil fuels that are refined from crude. The tragic spill in the Gulf revealed what a gunky mess goes into making the oil that you put in your car, and there is something much better than you can use today. AMSOIL’s 25000 mile oil contains no crude, and it is formulated to protect your engine for up to a year.

Resisting Effects of Extreme Temperatures

The ease of turning the ignition key disguises the complex functions that go on in your car’s engine, and it is easy to forget how important it is to use the best motor oil. Without proper lubrication, an engine can get hot enough to melt down, and there is no way to repair it. Synthetic motor oil starts circulating through your engine faster in cold weather than standard oil, and it works better when your engine runs at top speed as well.

Friction, heat and contaminants in ordinary motor oils break down the viscosity, but AMSOIL synthetic oil flows evenly in all weather conditions. Protecting your engine with a lubricant that lasts for 25000 miles between oil changes gives you the peace of mind that comes from taking good care of your car. AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush removes traces of fossil oil so that your engine is clean when you start using synthetics. Oil filters that use the latest nanofiber technology last 25000 miles as well, and they are an essential companion to synthetic oil.

Reducing Friction

Synthetic oil clings to the moving parts in your engine to prevent damage from heat and friction. Advances in automotive technology allow engineers and scientists to formulate engine lubricants from chemical compounds that are superior to mineral based motor oils. AMSOIL oils work better than ordinary oils by using 100 percent synthetic components to provide protection for gasoline engines. Lasting longer between oil changes, they are cleaner than fossil fuels and leave fewer deposits. Friction produces one of the most damaging effects on your engine, generating heat and causing wear that shortens its lifespan.

Compensating for Short Trips

Combustion in your engine creates moisture, but it burns off when your engine reaches operating temperature. Errands that take 10 minutes or less do not produce enough engine heat to evaporate the moisture, leaving it inside the engine and exhaust system to create rust. AMSOIL's 25000 mile synthetic motor oil resists rust, giving your engine protection if you have to run short errands frequently. Spending a few extra bucks to buy the best oil saves money later.

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